Denver Business Journal

"Dream Team (Community i-Soft's development partner) allows us to bring everything in-house and forces us to do a better job of updating and maintaining the site. And their module-building approach lowers the cost, yet it gives us expansion ideas."
– Ken Lyon, Finance Director, Mi Casa Resource Center for Women

"[Community I-soft] gives us the capability to make changes quickly, internally, and it allows us to set up various levels of access to the site. Volunteers, musicians, administration and the public can all use the site at the same time in a variety of levels. It provides a great deal of utility…within our organization."
– Tom Bacchetti, Executive Director, Colorado Symphony Orchestra

"We expect people from all over the world to become virtual participants, thanks to Dream Team technology. From Montrose to Manila, people who are unable to attend the conference physically will be able to participate on-line."
- John Burbidge, Communications Director, Institute for Cultural Affairs

Philanthropy News Network

"When computers and the Internet are as indispensable to running a nonprofit as are phones and volunteers, the sector will be a more collaborative and effective force for doing good."
- Todd Cohen
"It's time for nonprofits to get beyond using the Internet to talk about their mission and to start using it to carry out their mission…Every nonprofit that delivers a service should be asking how that service can be provided over the Internet."
– Richard Zorza, Vice President for Technology, Fund for the City of New York

"So much is possible in this new frontier, but only if technology is used as a key part of an organization's strategic plan."
- PNN Online

New York Times

"Nonprofit organizations should find the Internet just as appealing [as businesses]. What better way to reach like-minded advocates, donors and volunteers or to coordinate services?"
- New York Times, March 20, 2000

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